Who we are

Sheffield Pregnancy Counselling Support has been working in the city for over 25 years and is a charity run by a group of trained volunteers.

We offer women and their partners time and opportunity to consider all their options and understand all their emotions when faced with an unplanned or crisis pregnancy. We offer unbiased information about the choices open to them and help them to explore what those choices would mean for them.

We also offer longer term support for those who have experienced pregnancy loss through miscarriage or abortion. SPCS is not an abortion provider and does not make referrals to abortion providers.

Our vision is to reach the women and men of the city of Sheffield and the surrounding area who need our services regardless of ethnicity or religion. All are welcome to access our support.

Unplanned or Crisis Pregnancy

We provide a counselling service to help you explore your feelings and options. We provide information on:

  • Becoming a parent: what to expect and how to access ongoing support.
  • Abortion: what’s involved and the support available after.
  • Adoption: what will happen before and after and the support you can receive.

The decision to have a termination is never an easy one and many women experience a sense of loss, feelings of anger, regret or emotional numbness. These may be symptoms of post abortion trauma. They may occur immediately after the abortion or many years later. We provide a confidential longer term counselling service using the Step by Step course created by Image. It is designed to help you work through these feelings at your own pace so that you can gain perspective and move on with your life.

SPCS is not an abortion provider and does not make referrals to abortion providers.

Miscarriages and Stillbirth
Such losses are invariably traumatic and can trigger a complex and difficult grief process. Our service offers support to walk alongside you on your grief journey as you begin to process your feelings.